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What Clients and Professionals have to say about our Services

Client Quotes


Elsje, thank you for your support, compassion, love and for helping me find myself again. I will forever be in your debt and will also forever be in awe of your spirit. AT (Aug 2011)


Elsje, I have been to psychologists time and time again and you have done more for me than all of them combined. I finally get it! and can make the changes in order to have the life I want.I tell everyone I meet how wonderful you are. Thank you! AR (July 2011)


Elsje  helped me learn why my Daddy had to die. She also helped me learn how to live without him. (9 year old girl)


Elsje, you have been a godsend to me. I didn’t know where to turn when I heard the news that my precious son was killed. I honestly didn’t think that I was going to survive the pain and agony of losing him. You showed me that I could not only survive it but find joy in life again. I owe you everything. Thank you.



I had been to see many counsellors, psychologists and psychiatrists over the past 9 years to deal with the death of my husband. Nothing helped until I met you. You have done more for me in the past few months than anyone has in the past 9 years. Thank you. I finally feel free.



 Thank you so very much for everything and most importantly for your prayers. I will truly miss you. Please know that I truly appreciate your help and understanding. 


Professional Quotes

I worked closely with Elsje Hannah over the past year, supervising her via co-therapy in both individual & group counselling. Of 350 graduate students I have taught, supervised & trained directly in therapy skills over the past 15 years, I would place Elsje in the top 2%. Elsje has shown consistent attention to professional ethics and standards.  She has already amassed considerable experience as a grief & loss (bereavement) specialist and will continue addressing quality-of –life issues with those who are dying and their families.

 Richard A. (Rick) Bradshaw, Ph. D., R. Psych

Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology


Elsje has a rare quality in being able to see the individual within their global setting and this enables her to assist in all levels of care, not just the cancer.

Gregory Huebner, M.A., CCC

BC Cancer Agency


Elsje has been a wonderful gift to our organization. Elsje has demonstrated a high degree of caring, excellent attention to detail and has shown herself to be a quick study with a humble attitude.

Rosemary Brown, M. Ed., RCC

Surrey Hospice Society


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